Top floor. Dust bunnies, zippers, markers and assorted bath salts.


So you ask, so shall you receive. But be warned. It’s sap-tastic.

Genderbent Headcanon: Rhonda and Vancent both have their own personal hang ups with dressing up for nice occasions.

  • Vancent dislikes doing it because he’s often forced to wear his stuffy, itchy prince outfit, complete with suffocating waist coats, a too-tight cummerbund, cuffs and so forth. He’d much rather just crash the party in his racing duds.
  • Rhonda dislikes it because she never has anything nice to wear that she doesn’t have to make herself or rent out… and also partly because a small part of her doesn’t see much point into making herself prettied-up. Years of disdain from the Nicelander have all but convinced her that wearing nice clothes would be pointless for a hobo. …Not that she’d ever admit it, of course.

Which was why she was surprised that, on the day of Calhoun and Pheonix’s wedding, she got so many compliments on her outfit. And not one snide remark to boot!

Side note: Certain haggle-prone people might have steered clear from doing otherwise, on account of a few choice dirty glares thrown their way from a certain candy prince. Hint hint.